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The Rockies.... John Denver style:
Rocky Mountain High Video 1
Rocky Mountain High Video 2
Please make sure you have good hiking boots that have been broken in before the trip! Blisters will occur if you don't!!!

For some quality
hiking boots to consider, please click HERE.

Please make sure you've physically conditioned yourself for this trip with an exercise routine.  Click here for a program you may want to try:

For a conditioning program for hikers by Prevention Magazine, please click HERE

Contact Information... 
If you have marked yourself as attending this event on the CM events page, you will also need to notify me through email at this address:

Trip attendees will need to supply their email addresses, which will be kept confidential from all other attendees.  This way I can email documents and give further information about the trip, including payment info that includes my name and P.O. box. 

Attendees, please take the CM Rocky Mountain Survey.  Click on the link below and save the Word document to your files.  Complete the survey and send in an email as an attachment to:

Rocky Mountain Survey